Everyone knows beer tastes best when served on draft, but spending all that time at the bar gets old, not to mention expensive! Having a typical kegerator in your living space has it’s drawbacks – Traditional kegerators are bulky, boring, and obtrusive. Inkegnito is a sleek and stylish draft system designed to seamlessly integrate into your home or office.

Our draft towers can be rotated to disguise the tap, easily swapped out for different occasions, or even removed. Inkegnito is fully customizable from a variety of wood styles and tap towers to fit with your personal living style and decor.

Originally conceived for beer drinkers, Inkegnitos have been adapted for all draft beverages including soda, wine, kombucha, cold brew coffee, and more. If it’s distributed in a Cornelius/Corney keg, sixth barrel (aka sixtel) or pub keg, then it will work with Inkegnito. If you fill a Sankey keg with homebrew, tea, or cocktails, that works too!

The co-founders of Inkegnito, Tim and Vince, are Mechanical and Materials Engineers with a passion for product design. Coupled with a love for beer and a need to blend their kegerators into their living spaces ultimately led to the founding of Inkegnito in the summer of 2014.


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